Recover-All, a water remediation device is like an “iPod of industrial water filtration”. Developed to look approachable, modular and easy to use, the focus was as much on looks as usability. A complete wastewater solution compact system that is a pleasure to look at and easy to operate. Simple.
With tougher and stricter government regulations on what is going down the drain, a solution to maintain and stay ahead of any criteria by treating the process water into a clean reusable or drainable effluent had to be found. SurfaceID and ERE designed a compact treatment system used for many industries for filtering and removing sediments, separate oil from water and treating the water to regulated discharge level before sending it to the drain. Through its award winning design, Recover All and its compactness with fully automated features become your forefront environmental solution provider.

sketch explorations
The device was developed in Solidworks from scratch, using just the existing plumbing. The support chassis, brackets and covers were designed with production capabilities and cost in mind. Cognitive and physical ergonomics were big factors from the very beginning of the project not only in regards to the new parts that were designed, but even how the experiences with existing parts, like changing the lids on the filters, were made better though affordances in the new design. 

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