With a powerful combination of contrasted black light, heat chemical scent and movement, the Stinger MK100 was mechanically engineered to be performant. Its grill and funnel are designed to keep bigger beneficial insects away, and the sundowner sensor option automatically turns on when the sun goes down and bugs are out.

A project done for Kaz (Helen of Troy) while at SurfaceID.
After understanding the working principles and the scientific concept behind the bench prototype, the biggest task was to conceptualize the product in such a way that the structural elements disappear. 
Considering the triangular shape allowed to have simpler manufacturing, more access space for maintenance and a distinctive look in the market. 
The final product was developed in ProE.
Field tests concluded that the final product was several times better at eliminating unwanted insects than the prototype, which itself was better than those on the market at the time.

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