SurfaceID teamed was brought in to help Kaz rescue a project that was behind schedule and did not answer the aesthetical requirements of the company. The CT100 is a new kind of CO2 trap that specifically targets mosquitoes through aesthetically integrated new science and engineering. A seamless collaboration with Kaz’s in-house and Asia-based teams allowed us the reduction of overall part count and ease of assembly.
We were tasked with developing the mechanical design of the product all while ensuring that the aesthetics come out looking better than what we received.

Innovations such as the self-locking insect basket were really fun and challenging to work on.
While working on the main body, I realized that the bowl design was putting too much stress on the flange and that there were no reinforcements. We quickly remedied the situation by designing the aesthetic ribs to connect the bowl to the legs. The task was not to re-design, but to enhance and develop. 
The speed and quality of our team's work on rescuing this project to meet the deadline, the budget and marketing approval, inspired the client to ask us to design their next project (MK100) from scratch. 

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