Meet the evolution of badminton training. It installs in seconds and is stored just as quickly. The Shadow Trainer uses random lights on a court outline to direct players to move on the corresponding points of the real court, swinging as if hitting a shuttlecock, and then returning to their base position for the next light signal. The Shadow Trainer is an amazingly effective way to improve footwork, speed, reflexes and fitness for badminton at all levels.  

Developed at Surface.ID  for Black Knight
It's always fun when the client comes to you with just the electronics and you have to figure out everything else, from use, weight distribution, interaction and manufacturing. 

In this project, I thought it was best to leverage a luggage handle but use it as a leg to stabilize the device.  After a few rounds of mock-ups with the actual nets, we discovered that the force was acceptable to slightly lean on the net in the middle. 
For that 2 hooks were developed and mechanisms perfected while on the visit to the manufacturer. 
To learn more visit Black Knight and Surface.ID

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