SunVessel and Pininfarina created an indoor charging system, compatible light electric personal mobility vehicles, and a comprehensive data network. 
lunaport™ stations are designed and built to organically blend in with existing spaces while expanding or contracting based on the need to charge different quantities of vehicles in a single space.

Video graciously provided by SunVessel. Find out more at

The three main interaction elements are:
- the LED ring and speaker that give a visual and auditory cue of the expected interaction. 
- the articulated charging receptacle with an electromagnet for alignment and locking, fitted into a flexible baffle. 
- the plug, attached to and integrated with the forms of the Segway (or another device)
Modularity in design allows for an upgradable unit as well keeping less inventory, servicing easier.
A singular module can accommodate 1-2 vehicles, the larger one can serve up to 4.  

3D scaled print of the first gen prototype station (white) , presentation sketches and 3d printed parts of the docking mechanism (black)

The journey is just beginning, find out more at

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