While at Pininfarina, I've had the pleasure of working with the founders of Roux helmets who came to the office to passionately convey the importance of how they saw the new helmet line, what it meant and put a mandate to reach for the impossible (while respecting the homologation guidelines of the FIA.
Formula Helmet
Intended for open cockpit cars-from Formula Four to Formula One-this helmet design is strategically crafted for aerodynamic efficiency and safety, which demand the highest standards. Complete with removable aerodynamic spoilers, this model simultaneously prioritizes technological innovation and aesthetics.
GT Helmet
Built for closed-cockpit racing, the GT helmet design offers an alternative solution optimized for the car's extreme heat conditions. This helmet is highly functional in design, increasing airflow and lowering temperature via a built-in air-port and a COOL-X integrated water-cooling system. In addition, a larger eye port allows a broader field of view. Other notable features include an integrated water drink tube with quick disconnect and complete radio gear with noise-cancelling microphone & speaker pods.
more at ROUXHELMETS.com

​​​​​​​Process and details coming soon.

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